Club Drive & Picnic
Saturday August 29, 2020
Welcome to MG Classics of Jacksonville

MG Classics of Jacksonville is a club made up of folks who own or appreciate MG automobiles.  We are located in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area.  Membership is open to anyone: Full membership (with voting rights) for those who own an MG, associate membership for those who simply appreciate MG's.  Dues, to support the club, are $30 per year and get you access to our full membership roster (to contact that guy who knows exactly how to fix that problem you have with your MG), a monthly newsletter (by eMail), and the good feeling of belonging to a group of individuals who share your interests.

Prez Sez: Update from the MG Classics President - July 2, 2020
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Club Drive & Picnic
Saturday, June 27, 2020
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Club Drive & Brunch
May 24, 2020
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The 'Must Go To' Event
On the Local Show Calendar
March 6, 2021
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Latest Events of Interest Currently Scheduled
  • Cars & Coffee - Classic Car Museum, St. Augustine, FL - 08/15/2020
  • Southeast British Car Festival - Dillard, GA 09/17-20/2020
  • MyMyrtle Beach Britfest - Myrtle Beach - 10/03-2020 - Now Canceled
  • Ponte Vedra Car Show - 11/15/2020: Note Date Change
  • Cars & Coffee at Amelia Concours - 03/06/2021

Summer Heat is Here!

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Vapor Lock

The Cause, Prevention, and Cure

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The Great Dixie Brit Car Rallye: Results & Photos

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& Photo Album


April, 2019

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The Dates and Venues of all Club Meetings are listed in the Events Calendar. The Interactive Calendar not only lists all Club meeting, and Club Sponsored Events, but also includes local Auto-centric events that members may wish to attend with their MGs.


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Please Note: Due to the COVID emergency our monthly indoor Dinner Meetings have been suspended until Further Notice. We have developed a Drive & Picnic program for those members who wish to exercise their MG.

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Bruce Sedelmeyer
Vice President
Mark Albright
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BCCNF Spring Drive & Picnic

March 30, 2019

Event Report & Photo Album

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Cars & Coffee at the Amelia Concours


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A Few Photos of the Sixty-nine MGs Running Laps at The Daytona Road Track
GOF-South MK LIII - April 2019

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