MG Classics @ Legacy Automotive - Saturday 03/03/2018


A mix of Triumphs and MGs, comprising Ten Classics in total, arrived at Legacy Automotive on a chilly Saturday morning. For us Floridians, any temperature below 60 Degrees is considered chilly! The hardy members of the group arrived with the top down on their vehicles. The Classic vehicle Roll Call included four MG Bs, two MG TFs, one MG A, one Triumph Spitfire, one Triumph TR4, and one TR6, the balance of vehicles comprised modern SUVs.


Twenty-one members were in attendance, including Mark Albright and his wife Vanessa, who were our extremely generous hosts. Mark and Vanessa only moved into the building in July of 2017; everything was very clean and tidy, although by the time we left two MG's disgraced themselves by leaving deposits on the nice clean floor. Sorry, Mark and Vanessa, MGs can be like babies, and very difficult to 'Potty Train'.


Twenty-one members were in attendance, including our hosts. There was a lot more talking, eating and drinking than work on cars, although Richard and Katherine Gross's B had a good workout. The usual deal, one person working, and a bunch of spectators watching and offering advice. Richard had a 'nifty' wrench to release and tighten the spinners holding the wheels on. Much superior to the Moss wooden Protective Knockoff Wrench.


The 'Chef of the Day' was Mike Kazmierski, who did a sterling job cooking Hot Dogs and Burgers on the BBQ Grill that Richard Gross had hauled over on his trailer. Katherine Gross and Paula Massey set up the buffet table. As usual, there was sufficient food to feed the five-thousand, one of the features of the Club Tech. Sessions. A number of members probably had the leftovers for Sunday Brunch.  


Jim Hall brought his MG Five Speed Gearbox demonstration kit over and gave the Group the low-down on the advantages of upgrading our transmission systems. In addition to being able to keep up with boy racers on the 95, a key feature is durability. There have been no warranty claims or complaints in the fifteen years that Jim has been supplying the kits. Apparently also unlike a majority of MG transmission systems, an older car fitted with the upgrade will not try to mark its territory.


A most enjoyable day, an excellent venue, generous hosts, much socializing, a great selection of food, and fun exercising our Classics driving to and from the venue.









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