Club Meeting Minutes - April 2019

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting April 29, 2019


Meeting convened: 7PM                       

Total Attendance: 42     

New members: Terry Kelly

Guests: Vicki Whiting, Janet Bull, Bill & Barbara Shivelle


Old Business

1. Website: Please go to the MG Classics website for Newsletter and calendar info and current update information


2. Tax Filing: President plans to get with  Mike Kazmierski to discuss tax filing status and requirements.  This will be completed by May 5th. 


New Business


1. Apologies: Stan and Lily Kinmonth were unable to attend today. Please review the FCCC’s meeting notes sent out by Jim Nolan via email for other car club pertinent information.


2. Events:

(a) Avenues Cars and Coffee 2nd Saturday at 7AM.

(b) Beaches Cruise In 3rd Tuesday, regular attendees 4:45 PM.

(c) The Great Dixie Brit Car Rallye November 9th 2019.


3. Special Recognition: The President recognized Jim Hall, Richard Gross, Mike Hogan, Ian Massey, Mark Cooley, Jim Nolan, Neil Nelson, and Paula Ashcroft and the Hospitality Room Crew and more for their countless hours of behind the scenes hard work to make our GoF a success.  Many comments to the President and other that this was the best GOF they had ever attended! 


4. Publications: Glen Moore reported that he had written articles for three magazines: NAMGAR's MGA!. NAMGBR's MG Driver, and for the MMM Bulletin, published in England.   Photos captured by Glen and by Gary Whiting were submitted along with the text.  George Butz has submitted an article and photos for the NEMGTR magazine The Sacred Octagon.  The national and international coverage of our GOF South will bring recognition and prestige to the event and should encourage people more distant to the site to attend.


5. Special Mention: Special mention and gift presentation made to Gary Whiting for his video and photography work in support of the club.  His work included 3 photo albums and 3 videos which are now available for viewing on the website. 


6. GOF: 90 MGs were in the car show, 63 MGs and 10 other British cars drove the track and 187 guests attended.  Venue was top notch, weather was pristine and the track drive was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Moss Motors was impressed and we hope to get them as the Corporate Sponsor on a regular basis.  In short, many thanks to all sponsors and attendees for a stellar weekend!  The $500 sponsorship went toward track costs including the great photos available for download on the website.


7. Tech Session: The Spring Tech session is scheduled for 25 May at the Kinmonth’s compound. Mike Hogan researching getting the car detailing person there for a presentation.. Please contact Mark Albright to schedule potential work. Projects should run about 4-5 hours, no engine overhauls please.

(a) A unanimous group decision of members present was made to cancel the August Tech Session because of the seasonal hot weather.


(b) Please register for the tech session via our website.  This gives us a head count and an expectation of what repairs are to be completed and an idea of how much/what type of food will appear*******


8. Motion: Due to poor service received at the last meeting, a motion was made to change the location from Mediterranea (Oct) to a new venue.  Tom and Betty’s in Orange Park was proposed as the November meeting location because of elections and St Mary’s Seafood will be the October meeting location.

Motion:  Bob Wrenn   

Second:  Ian Massey

No opposition voiced by any members.

9. Christmas Party: Preps are in the works already! Please clear your calendar for 15 December at the One Call Center.  We are trying to get the same caterer and venue. Plans are to do a gift swap, upgrade the Christmas decorations and get some festive music playing. A Motion made to hold the Christmas party at the One Call Center from 2-6Pm, same caterer and menu as last year. 

Motion:  Bob Wrenn

Second:  Ian Massey


10. Will Bowden Award: The Will Bowden Award for troubleshooting and assistance with all issues MG was presented to Wayne Snook.  The Award was originally announced at the GOF but Wayne was not in attendance. 


11. 50/50: 50/50 drawing held with Paula Ashcroft winning $52.


12. Part at Cost: Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part for your MG, if ordered within 30 days. That was won by Jim Davey.

The next club meeting will May 20 (Early due to Memorial Day), 2019 at 7PM at The Fish Company, 725-12 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach FL 32233.  Members are encouraged to arrive up to an hour early (6pm) so dinner orders may be completed prior to the start of club business at 7pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.


Submitted:         Approved:

Sybil Bradley      Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary           President

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