MG Classics Bylaws - Overview
MG Classics Operates within Bylaws that have been ratified by the Board of Directors and the Full Members of the Club. These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of of the Full members of the Club either by voting in person or by proxy, provided that the Amendment shall have been read at a previous meeting or submitted in writing to each Full Member of the Club at least one (1) week before action is taken. 
How do Bylaw Amendments come into Force?
An Amendment to the Bylaws must be proposed by a member, or members of the Club at a Club meeting, or preferably at the Club Annual General Meeting. The proposal requires to be seconded. The Amendment is then put to the Club Officers and Board for approval to Ballot the Full Members of the Club to accept or reject the Amendment.
If the Members Accept an Amendment it is enshrined in the Bylaws, the Bylaws are updated and published to reflect the Amendment.
Voting of the Full Members is completed via an On-line Form made available to all Full Members of the Club, that lists the amendments. Any Full members not able to vote directly via the Digital Form may have their vote recorded by proxy.
The current approved Bylaws having taken effect in December, 2018, may be viewed by Clicking on the Button Below:

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