2018 Bylaws Amendment Ballot
During 2018 the Following Amendments have been proposed, duly Voted on and Approved by the Club Officers and Board, to be placed on the Ballot for ratification or rejection by the Club Membership.
The MG Classics Officers and Board members have voted and approved placing the following Amendments on the Ballot for consideration by the all Members entitled to Vote on Amendments to the MG Classics Bylaws.
Amendment 1: It is proposed to extend the maximum Elected members of the Board of Directors from a Maximum of Seven (7) members to a Maximum of Nine (9) Elected members.
What is the advantage of increasing the Maximum number of Elected Board positions?
  1. 2018 has seen an increase in membership by twenty-five members to a total of one-hundred and fifteen full members. Further, more members wish to be active in attendance at meetings, attending more Club activities, and wishing to participate in the decision making of the Club. This is underscored by the high number of Board Nominations received to serve on the 2019 Board of Directors.
  2. Board membership is the Grooming Ground for future Officers. It provides an apprenticeship to understand the Club's operations and requirements. Extending the Board by voting 'Accept' to this Amendment provides a larger Pool for future Officers to fill the Key Officer roles.
  3. More Board members will generate more ideas that will help keep the Club in tune with members' wishes and drive MG Classics forward into a successful future.
Amendment 2: It has been proposed that the rules of Associate Membership be changed for Club Membership to be Free to Active Military personnel,  Auto-school teachers,  and Auto-school students.
What is the advantage of this change?
  1. It Honors our  Country's Active Serving Military personnel.
  2. It will encourage younger members to join the Club, appreciate Classic MG motor cars, and purchase their own MG to help preserve the MG Legacy into the future.
  3. It is hoped that it will promote a new Breed of auto-mechanics capable of maintaining, repairing, and restoring Classic MG cars. (and other Classic British cars).
Amendment 3: It is proposed that the Spare Parts Committee is dissolved.
What is the advantage of this Change?
  1. The Spare Parts Committee is now redundant as there are several competent Companies that stock and sell practically all the Spare Parts necessary to maintain, repair, and restore our Classic MG cars. Each has a comprehensive Catalogue on parts (Paper and Online), an Online ordering and payment process, and/or a telephone ordering option. Their Inventory holdings are extensive.
Amendment 4: It is proposed that the Labels of Board Members associated with a specific MG model be removed.
What is the advantage of this Change?
  1. It allows for a more diverse Board Membership as Board members will not require to be an expert on a particular car model to serve on the Board of Directors. This does not dilute the Technical Expertise available to help members whose cars have technical issues, many members who have technical expertise, and extend help to members to resolve technical issues, do not serve as members of the Board of Directors.
  2. A more diverse Board membership helps stimulate new ideas to ensure that the Club responds to changes in the Classic Car Club Landscape. This is essential in keeping the Club in tune with younger Classic Car Enthusiasts. 
This Ballot has been arranged to comply with the MG Classic's Bylaws Requirement to have all Bylaw Amendments ratified by a majority of the Club membership who are Eligible to Vote on Bylaws Amendments.
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Please Submit Your Vote No Later Than 6pm On Friday, December 7, 2018. 

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