MG Classics July Drive, Picnic & Short Club Meeting
Saturday, July 18, 2020
Destination: An Outdoor Gathering at The Trout Creek Marina
6550 State Road 13 N, St. Augustine, 32092
For Members and your Guests
Catch-up with your MG Friends
Due to the COVID-19 Emergency we have suspended our Monthly Restaurant Dinner Meetings until Further Notice.
Due to the impracticality of holding our traditional evening Club meeting in a restaurant we are organizing monthly Drives with outdoor destinations and a Picnic for those members who wish to Blow-the-Cobwebs out of your MG's Engine and meet up with your MG Classics Friends. Following the success of the June Drive & Picnic to Trout Creek Marina, by popular demand by those present the July Drive & Picnic will be to the same Picnic destination, Trout Creek Marina. This is an outdoor event with mandatory social distancing to mitigate the potential for Virus Transmission. To avoid exposure to the mid-afternoon heat, assembly at the Trout Creek Marina will be at 10.00am and the event will last approximately two hours. Caravans to Trout Creek will be formed as requested by our Members
The Destination and Picnic Location is the Trout Creek Marina. It is necessary that members and guests who join the event bring their own food, beverage, chairs, and picnic paraphernalia. Members and guests attending the event must respect and safeguard the safety of themselves, their guests, and all other attendees by following the social distancing and hygiene recommendations as defined by the CDC and the State of Florida at the time of the event.
! If your MG is not currently running join us in your Daily Driver !
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For More Information about MG Classic's conditions related to Club Events during the COVID-19 crises please review the Club's 'Terms and Service' by Clicking on the Link in the Footer immediately below.


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