COVID Breakout Brunch
Sunday, May 24, 2019 
The COVID Lockdown resulted in the cancellation of not only all the activities of MG Classics but also the cancellation of all local car shows. This included the cancellation of the 54th GOF-South Scheduled for April.
After missing our MG activities a number of us decided to organize a Drive and Picnic Brunch, scheduled for Sunday, May 24, in order to blow the cobwebs out of the engines of our MGs. The destination was the Trout Creek Marina; the gathering time at Trout Creek was scheduled for 10.00am in order to avoid the mid-afternoon temperature. The intent was to make the event a Drive and a Picnic so the participants required to bring their own chairs, food, and drink.
Three assembly locations were chosen. The first for four MGs driving from the Jacksonville Beaches area. This group comprised Bruce and Roberta Sedelmeyer (MGB), Fred and Selina Woller (MGA), Len Geiger, (MGB), and Ian & Paula Massey (MGB). The Beaches Group met up with Mark Spaulding and Joyce at the Palencia Village before angling across country to the Marina. The Group driving from Middleburg comprised Richard and Kathy Gross (MGB) and Mark and Vanessa Albright (MGB). In all eight MGs and fifteen members were initially scheduled with one MG dropping out leaving the final group of thirteen.
The outbound drives were uneventful avoiding the main highways and enjoying the scenery and the cool morning conditions. The two MG's  from Middleburg were setting up at the 'Creek' when the other five MGs arrived on the scene. The cars were parked on grass under shade trees and the members sat in a large circle keeping at the prescribed social distance of six feet. It was a most enjoyable lunch, time spent kicking the tires, and catching up with Club friends and events since the lockdown.
It is uncertain when we will be able to have a regular Club meeting at a restaurant in the future with the current safety rules in force, however it is intended to have more drives and picnics in the open air where the risk of COVID transmission is small. If we can find a suitable venue we may be able to have a Club meeting in the open air on a weekend. 
For Photo Album of the Event Click on the Photo at the top of This Article.

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