Welcome to GOF-South LIII Web Photo Albums and Video Page
The Web Photo and Video Albums Listed are For You To:
Download Free of Charge
To Access the Albums Click on the Photo Album Icon beside the Content Descriptions. Sort through the Photos to Find Your Car or Other Photos of Interest to You. Click on the Photo to Enlarge it and then Download the Photo. (Please be patient these Albums contain a large number of Photographs and will take time to load)
General Photographs - Presented by Gary Whiting:
165 Photographs
Photographs on the Daytona Track - Presented by the GOF Sponsor - MOSS Motors:
180 Photographs
Video - Staging for The Track Drive: Ready to Roll - Presented by Gary Whiting
Photographs of the Car Show - Presented by Gary Whiting:
77 Photographs
Awards Presentation (People) - Presented by Gary Whiting:
36 Photographs
Video - Awards Presentation (MGs) - Presented by Gary Whiting:

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