GOF South LIII Terms & Conditions of Entry

Release of Liability

It is the Entrant's privilege to participate in GOF-South LIII organized by MG Classics of Jacksonville. In consideration for the granting of this privilege, on executing proper registration, and paying the entry fee, if any, the Registrant herby agrees to the following release of liability:

"I hereby agree to participate in GOF South LIII. In consideration of the right, and privilege to enter, and participate, and other valuable consideration, and intending to be legally bound, I agree to release the MG Classics of Jacksonville (MG Classics), its Officers, Directors, the event committee, MG Classics members, and other participants from any and all liability for injuries, damage, or loss arising from my entry and that of my guests', during our attendance and participation in the event".


The GOF is a Rain or Shine Event. We cannot offer a Rain Date as the GOF is months in planning and is a large event requiring contract commitments with the event Hotel, the Daytona Speedway, the Caterers, Driving Tour Locations, and more. In all cases each individual activity comprising the total program are Rain or Shine activities. In the case of adverse weather we can only offer a Weather refund if the weather affects one or more services supplied by our vendors and they cannot supply the service they are contracted to supply to MG Classics on the days they are contracted to supply such services. In this case any refund for monies paid in advance, or commitments related to the volume of the service to be purchased by MG Classics, that are either refunded by the service provider, or excused, will be used to provide a refund to registrants after reasonable and identified expenses incurred by MG Classics are credited back to MG Classics' account.

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