Club Meeting Minutes - January 2019

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting January 28, 2019

Meeting convened: 7PM                       

Total Attendance: 45    

Returning Members: 4

Guests: Two


1. President briefing:  The President briefed members on the Board Meeting held 19 January 2019.  Specific items noted:

(a) Website improvements including ability to process payment for name badges online through Paypal.


(b) Update to by-laws to increase the number of board members from 7 to 9 to account for increase in club membership.

(c) Insurance for club officers and events is through NAMGB/NAMGAR

(d) Tax filing status as a tax paying club. 


(e) Most ancillary positions filled but still need volunteers for Youth Programs (Mark Albright?) and Non-GOF Event Coordinator. Also asked for CPA advisor to educate leadership on tax requirements (Mike K.?)

(f) Club eMail addresses: Four email addresses deleted in effort to streamline communications and save club funds.


(g) Ad policy (cars for sale on website and newsletter) discussed.  Members free to post, non-members charged $10 for first 90 days.

(h) Christmas party venue and caterer discussed.  Club to fund max of 30% of total cost.


Old Business

1.  GOF Update: Jim Hall provided a 2019 GOF Update:

(a) DESPERATELY NEEDED: Baskets, raffle items, goodie bag items. Wrap os available from Jim for above item. Bring them to the next meeting or get them to Jim Hall ASAP.


(b) Please register for the GOF ASAP!  Only 20 rooms left in our block.


(c) Volunteers needed for Hospitality Room.  Please see Jim.


(d) Please go to MG Classics website and newsletters for updated info.


2. Magnetic Signs: Reminder made for 1st magnetic sign free to club members. Please contact Mike Hogan for your free bumper sticker or to purchase additional.  


3. Regalia: Mike K. has plenty of trucker hats, pins, regalia for purchase.  Anything not purchased by GOF will become GOF raffle prizes.


4. Tech Session: Feb 16 is next at Legacy Automotive (see website for full info). Members should register online to determine attendance count, pot luck item and any repair work to be accomplished.


5. Future Events: Richard Gross gave a recap of events in the near future, all MG Classics members are eligible and encouraged to participate:

(a) Sunday, 3/3/19 – Group caravan drive to meet the Winter Tour of MGT cars in the St. Augustine area. The tour begins in Washington D.C., takes the auto train to Sanford, Florida. Their drive will bring them through St. Augustine. An educational program, militia display and picnic lunch ($5 per plate donation appreciated) is planned in Fort Mose’.


(b) Saturday, 3/30/19 – The BCCNF (British Car Clubs of North Florida) is planning a Spring Drive to Washington Oaks State Park. A picnic lunch (bring your own picnic) is planned.  Jeff Ashcroft volunteered to research and provide information on possibility of touring a classic car collection close to the State Park.


New Business


1. Events Calendar: Please check the club website’s events calendar.


2. GDBCR: Ian Massey Introduced the Great Dixie Brit Car Rally to be held 9 November 2019.  Previous winners include the Kinmonth's, and anyone interested in participating should speak with them for information on the Rally.


3. FCCC Update: Stan Kinmonth provided the FCCC update on the Palatka Car and Air Show held last weekend.  It was very well attended and had a wide variety of auto and airplane displays.  Triumph Club was there with 3 cars and a banner.  If there is interest we should get a group to attend next year.      


4. GOF Registration: Bruce Sedelmeyer Reminded everyone to register for the GOF, tell your friends to register, hurry to get one of the last hotel rooms.  This is our premier event during the year and as the host club we hope for max participation.


5. Bring a Trailer: Richard Bendetti provided information on , a website which may be of interest to members.


6. Membership Renewals: Several club members reminded the group that membership dues were late after 31 December 2018, please renew online or by mail.


7. 50/50 drawing held with Wayne Snook winning $48

8. At Cost Part: tNeil Nelson donated an “at cost” part for your MG, if ordered within 30 days. That was won by Len Geiger.

The next club meeting will be 25 February 2019 at the Olive Garden.  


Meeting Adjourned at 80.10 pm


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Sybil Bradley            Bruce Sedelmeyer

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