Club Meeting Minutes - July 2020

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting July 18, 2020

Meeting convened: 10am                      

Total Attendance: 20    

New members: Jerry Gabet, Peter Newton

Returning Members: Bill Tally

Guests: None

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown no Club meetings were held in March, April, May, and June. The July Club meeting was held at Trout Creek Marina in the open air on Saturday, July 18. The open air meeting was held to mitigate the potential to transmit the COVID virus.

Old Business

The President thanked Mark Albright and Ian Massey for leading the club meetings during his absence in January and February.

1. Canceled Events: Numerous events have been cancelled due to COVID-19.  These include Cars and Coffee at the Avenues Mall, the annual British Car Classic at King’s Head Pub, 2020 GOF, and possibly even our 2021 GOF.  The newsletter and website will be the means of updating the membership on events as they are either cancelled or scheduled.

2. James Albright: Members noted with sadness the passing of James Albright on May 23rd.  James was a long time member and father of Mark, our Vice President.  Condolences were expressed to the Albright family.

3. Hank Rippert: Also noted was the passing of Hank Rippert on 15 May.  Hank was very active in the New England T Register.  The Board voted electronically to approve a donation of $100 to the Knudson Churchill Scholarship Fund in his name. Thank you cards from the Fund and from Hank’s daughter were received by the club.

New Business

1. Future Meetings: In an effort to establish a more normal routine, future club meetings will be held at an outdoor venue from about 10 AM until no later than noon so we can avoid the heat.  Please send ideas for alternative meeting locations with a covered pavilion or large indoor area to any club officer or board member.

2. Articles & Stories: If you have any humorous MG predicament stories, mechanical or technical insights, fond MG memories, etc. please send them to Fred Groenert for inclusion in the newsletter.


3. Club Officers: The club will add head shots of club officers on the website in order for new members to more easily identify them and to promote interaction at meetings and events.

4. NAMGBR Affiliation: President and Ian Massey renewed our club affiliation with NAMGBR.  We are once again in good standing.  This means our events will be covered by their insurance policy at no cost to us.  Everyone who owns an MG is encouraged to join NAMGBR.  For a $30 membership fee you receive 6 issues of MG Driver magazine and an annual updated member assistance and service directory.

5.Board Member Update: Bob Wren resigned his long held Board Member position effective July 31, 2020.  The President thanked Bob for his many years of service in numerous club leadership positions. Mark Spaulding was nominated to fill Bob’s Board position.  Mike Hogan seconded the nomination and the proposal passed unanimously by all members present.

6. Club Badges: Name badges for Janice Hall, Nancy York and Bill Talley are ready for pick up with the president. Auto badges are available from the president for $30 each (members) or $40 (non-members).  Club patches are also available for $1 each.

7. Show Drive Opportunities: (More info and registration on MG Classics website):

a Southeast British Car Festival at Dillard House in Georgia will still be held September 17-20, 2020

b. The Ponte Vedra Auto Show is also being held November 15, 2020.

c. Cars and Coffee at Amelia Concours is now accepting registrations.  If you want to attend you must act now as availability fills up fast. There is a link to the registration form on our website.  The cost has increased to $50 this year but it is a quality event and a lot of fun.

d. Cars and Coffee at the Classic Car Museum in St Augustine has begun hosting a Cars and Coffee every third Saturday of each month.

8. Raffle & 50/50 Results:

1. 50/50 drawing was held with Len Geiger winning $28.  Len very kindly donated winnings back to the club.

2. Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be ordered within 30 days. Good for one part only not an entire order. Part must be ordered prior to the next meeting. Winner was Jim Davey.

Next Meeting: 

The next club meeting will be held August 29, 2020, at 10 AM. Location will be Trout Creek Marina unless another acceptable location is forwarded from a member and approved by the Officers. 

Meeting adjourned at 1145 AM.

Submitted:                          Approved:


Sybil Bradley                       Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary                            President

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