Club Meeting Minutes - March 2019

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting March 25, 2019


Meeting convened: 7PM                       

Total Attendance: 36     

New members: none

Guests: Janice Hall


Old Business


1. Website: Please go to the MG Classics website for Newsletter and calendar info and current update information


2. Winter Drive Ft Mose: Sunday, 3/3/19 – A great success with almost 34 club (MG Classics Jacksonville and Chesapeake Chapter MG T Register) attendees and another 15 attendees from the Fort Mose Historical Society.  Fort Mose Militia reenacted rifle drill and gave a brief history on the Fort.  $208 was raised in support of the Fort Mose Historical Society. The food was great, many thanks to Richard Gross for heading this effort up. Go to the website for a photo gallery taken by photographer  extraordinaire , Gary Whiting.


3. Amelia Island Cars and Coffee: Saturday 3/9/19 - A huge success!!  There were 7 cars from MG Classics and most of the Chesapeake Chapter MG T register that we met up with for the Fort Mose picnic. Added to that were cars from JCCNF, SJAHC, and a long line of British cars. Don’t miss this one next year, it is truly a rich experience. Again please check the website for awesome photos provided by Gary Whiting


4. BCCNF Spring Drive & Picnic: Saturday, 3/30/19 – The BCCNF (British Car Clubs of North Florida) is driving to Washington Oaks State Park. A picnic lunch (bring your own picnic) is planned.  As of 23 March we have 58 people registered to attend. Meet-ups have been planned and caravan leaders should have notified everyone in their group as to the meeting location. Please see me if you do not know which group you are in or if you don’t have info on the meeting location.

5 Tax Filing: President will get with Neil and his CPA to discuss tax filing status and requirements after April 15th. The general idea is to file similar to an HOA as a non-profit with the membership/club receiving the benefit of any funds or profits. This will be completed by June 1st.  Membership present was asked to voice any disagreement to this proposal. No disagreement was voiced.

New Business


1. Daytona Track Drive: 65 registered for track drive at GOF exceeds the required 50 to break even.


2. GOF Registrations: Total as of 21 March is now 78 cars, 161 people. A group visited the facility and track last weekend. Routes from the hotel to the track will be forwarded. Facilities look top notch and support from hotel is outstanding so far.


3. GOF South 2019 Volunteers: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Friday, March 29th, 1:30pm Four or five people needed at Jim Hall’s house in Green Cove Springs to stuff goody bags. Contact Jim Hall. Wednesday, April 10, 10:00am. A couple of members needed at Jim Hall’s house to help load the trailer with GOF supplies. Contact Jim Hall. Thursday, April 11 About 10 am All members at the GOF hotel needed to unload the trailer and set up the hospitality room and registration area. Contact Jim Hall.

During GOF Volunteers needed to keep coolers in the Hospitality Room stocked with beverages and ice. Contact Jim Hall. Volunteers needed for four-hour stints in the Hospitality Room to assist Hospitality Room Coordinator Paula Ashcroft. Contact Paula. A couple of volunteers needed to assist participants in parking their trailers. Trailers must be parked tight to conserve space. Tow vehicles must go to the parking garage - if they fit. Contact Jim Hall.


4. Recognize Jim Hall, Richard Gross, Mike Hogan, Ian Massey, Mark Cooley, Jim Nolan, Stan Kinmonth, Neil Nelson and more for their countless hours of behind the scenes hard work to make our GOF a success.


5. More volunteers needed to step up especially for the Hospitality Room 4 hour shifts. A small commitment on our part can ensure that no one person is doing most of the work and missing out on other events.

6. Caravan: Jim Hall provided 2019 GOF report and reiterated the above information. Some members asked if there were caravans headed to GOF.  No formal caravan plan is established.


7. Motion: A Motion was made by Bob Wren to have the Club pay for items (patches and club automobile badge) given by the President to the Chesapeake area MG T series club at the Ft Mose Drive.  Motion was seconded by numerous members and passed unanimously with the members present.


8. 50/50: 50/50 drawing held with Robert Langley winning $52.

9. Part at Cost: Neil Nelson donated an “at cost” part for your MG, if ordered within 30 days. That was won by Tom Kobrick.


The next club meeting will in April 29, 2019 at 7PM at Caddyshack on S. Legacy Trail in St Augustine.  


Meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Submitted:        Approved:

Sybil Bradley     Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary          President

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