Club Meeting Minutes - May 2019

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting May 20, 2019


Meeting convened: 7PM                       

Total Attendance: 24     

New members: None

Guests: None


Old Business


1. Website: Please go to the MG Classics website for Newsletter and calendar info and current update information


2. Vanessa Albright: Acknowledge key members again for fantastic GOF. I forgot Vanessa Albright who worked the registration table with Mike Hogan @ last meeting


3. Tax Filing: President had Mike K brief members on status of tax filing for club and thanked Mike K for help and overseeing this project. Once the IRS letter is received a more detailed brief of tax filing requirements will be provided to the Board at next Board meeting.


4. Apologies: Richard Gross was unable to attend this meeting but will provide a status on check from Daytona Chamber of Commerce and outcome of infamous Coffee Scandal.


New Business


1. FCCC Update: Stan Kinmonth provided FCCC update. Please review the FCCC’s meeting notes sent out to you by Jim Nolan via email for other car club pertinent information.


2. Events:

(a)Avenues Cars and Coffee 2nd Saturday at 7AM.  * 9 attendees last Saturday

(b) Beaches Cruise In 3rd Tuesday, regular attendees 4:45 PM. * Tomorrow night

(c) The Great Dixie Brit Car Rallye November 9th 2019.


3. GOF 2021: Glen Moore, Richard Gross are pursuing options for the 2021 GOF. Locations being considered are St Augustine and Orlando areas.  Suggestions for locations and any GOF ideas are welcome – please get your ideas in to Glen or Richard or any Board member.


4. Tech Session: Tech session is scheduled for this Saturday May25th at the Kinmonth’s compound. Mike K volunteered to cook the burgers and hot dogs. Mike Hogan has arranged for a professional auto detailing person to be there for a presentation and will provide a video copy of the session in a format to be determined. Please contact Mark Albright to schedule potential work. Project should run no more than 4-5 hours, no engine overhauls please.


Registration: Please register for the tech session via our website. This gives us a head count and an expectation of what repairs are to be completed and an idea what type of food you will bring. Also note if you are bringing parts for sale. *******


5. 2020 British Classic: The 2020 British Car Classic will be conducted by MG Classics. Plans and further discussion are needed. Topic will be put on agenda for next month’s meeting.


6. Meeting Locations: Please note new meeting locations for October and November.   Tom and Betty’s in Orange Park will be the November meeting location for our Club Annual meeting and elections. St Mary’s Seafood will be the October meeting location. A new schedule has been provided in the newsletter and on the website calendar.


7. Christmas Party: Christmas Party preps are in the works already!  Please clear your calendar for December 15th, 2-6 pm, at the One Call Center. This is a great venue we will have free of charge thanks to Chuck and Kathy. Come for amazing food, gift exchange and great camaraderie! Encourage members to come and encourage other members who might not be able to make meetings.


8. 50/50: 50/50 drawing held with Mark Spaulding winning $ 32.


9. Part at Cost:  Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be ordered within 30 days. Good for 1 part only not an entire order. Winner was Gerry Maloney.

The next club meeting will be June 24th, 2019 at 7PM at St Mary’s Seafood, 11290 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, 32257.  Members are encouraged to arrive up to an hour early (6PM) so dinner orders may be completed prior to the start of club business at 7PM.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.


Submitted:         Approved:

Sybil Bradley      Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary           President

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