Access to the Club Member Roster is Only Available to Fully Paid-up Club Members in Good Standing.
You Must Sign-up and be Approved to Access The Club Roster

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To Access the Club Member Roster you Must be a Fully Paid-up Club Member in Good Standing. 

If you are a Fully Paid-up Member of MG Classics of Jacksonville in Good Standing, Clicking on the Club Membership Roster Button above will take you to the Sign-up Form to request access to the Membership Roster. If you have already been Approved, Clicking on the Club Membership Roster Button will take you to the Login Form to access the Roster Listing. Please Logout when you have finished viewing the Roster Listing.

The Membership Credentials of all persons Requesting Access will be Reviewed by the Webmaster. If you are a Current Member in Good Standing the Webmaster will approve your Request for Access. You will receive an eMail Confirming you have been Approved for Access. Approval may take up to 48 hours so please be patient. Should your Membership Subscription Expire your Access will be Suspended and Only Re-instated when your Membership Subscription is Renewed.

Remember the eMail Address and Password that You Signed up with when you Requested Access to the Membership Roster. It is your responsibility to keep your Login Protocol Secure.

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