Club Meeting Minutes - November 2019

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting November 25, 2019


Meeting convened: 7 PM                       

Total Attendance: 28     

New members: none

Guests: none


 Old Business


1. Please go to the MG Classics website for Newsletter and calendar info and current update information.


2. Fall Tech. Session: The Fall Tech Session was held 23 November at Legacy Automotive. Work completed included speedometer cable replacement, dash gauge lamp replacement, oil leak identification and remedy, oil change, and brake bleeding. As always, there was great food and company.  Thank you very much to Mark and Vanessa Albright for opening their business to club members. Special thanks to Vanessa for heading up the food preparations and set up/clean up.

3. The Great Dixie Brit Car Rallye: The The Great Dixie Brit Car Rallye was held November 9th.  A photo album and results are linked on the website.  MG Classics members took first place in both the first (Sybil Bradley) and second (Bruce Sedelmeyer) legs.  A great time was safely had by all and we are already looking forward to another chance to show the MG flag in the winners circle next year.  Many thanks to all volunteers including sponsors and our own Lucas cousins Ian and Paula Massey.

New Business


1. 2020 Term officers: Reminder that an increase in club dues from $25 to $30 annually was voted on and approved last meeting. Initial candidates are all incumbent officers from 2019: President-Bruce Sedelmeyer, Vice President-Mark Albright, Treasurer-Mike Hogan, and Secretary-Sybil Bradley


2. Open Board Positions: Two Board of Directors positions are open (Wayne Snook and Kathy Albers vacating.  Nominations included Dave Hodson and Vanessa Albright.

3. NewsletterJim Nolan will retire from his long held position as newsletter editor on January 1, 2020.  Fred Groenert has volunteered to become Jim’s successor as editor.  We all look forward to supporting you as you take the reigns.  MG Classics remains indebted to Jim Nolan for his years of service as editor of our very colorful and informative newsletter.


The members present thanked Fred Groenert for volunteering to be Jim’s successor, and look forward to supporting Fred as he assumes this role and thank him for his willingness to serve our club with his time and talents.


4. New suggestions for meeting locations: Please send input to Sybil Bradley, Secretary, NLT 15 December 2019. Please ensure the following criteria are met before submitting a new venue:

*Must have a separate meeting room able to accommodate 40 members.

*Can we use our PA system?

*Adequate parking?

*Willing to accept individual payment for checks?

*Are they moderately priced

*Site will be chosen on above criteria and with regard to membership density in various areas of town.

*Board of Directors will make final decision

5. Show/Drive Opportunities (more info and registration on MG Classics website) 


(a) FFCCC update was summarized by Stan Kinmonth. Please review the FCCC’s meeting notes sent out to you by Jim Nolan via email for other car club pertinent information.

(b) Avenues Cars and Coffee 2nd Saturday at 7AM. 

(c) Beaches Cruise In 3rd Tuesday, regular attendees 4:45 PM. 

(d) Cars and Coffee at Amelia Concours is now accepting applications.  Registration link is available on our website, please register early as the event is limited to 450 participants.  We will forward details concerning meet up locations for a caravan as the event draws nearer.

Major Events Update


1. 2020 Spring Drive & Picnic: 2020 Spring Drive & Picnic - March 21, 2020, to the Ravine Gardens State Park.  More information to follow as the date nears.*2020 Spring Drive & Picnic - March 21, 2020, to the Ravine Gardens State Park.  More information to follow as the date nears.

2. GOF LIV, April 2020: Online registration and online payment options are now available at Remember to make your reservations at the Mission Inn as there is limited space and closest alternatives are 6 miles away. Hotel reservation details are on

3. GOF LV 2021, April 2021: Richard Gross provided an update following a second round of negotiations with the Best Western Grand Gainseville on 5 November.  The GOF committee also met immediately after the general meeting.  

Raffle Results and Next Meeting Reminder

1. 50/50: 50/50 drawing held with Roberta Sedelmeyer winning $44. 

2. Part at Cost: Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be ordered within 30 days. Good for 1 part only not an entire order. Winner was Dave Hodson.


The next club meeting will be held January 2020 due to the Christmas Party and club elections in December.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Submitted:           Approved:​

Sybil Bradley        Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary             President

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