Prez Sez (Update from MG Classics President)
Bruce Sedelmeyer - July 2, 2020

Greetings my friends,


Wishing you and your family a wonderful July 4th.


In an effort to try and get back on track with keeping you informed, you are hearing from me again just a few short weeks since our combined Apr, May, June newsletter. It is my intention to make sure we get our newsletter out every month.


This intense time we are living through hasn’t been seen by most of our generation. As COVID-19 appears to be roaring back at us and filling our news channels and talk, it is hard to be optimistic about our cars and fraternizing with known eccentrics of like-mindedness who actually believe MG’s are reliable cars to drive!

As I press on you will see there are some good things actually happening within our club.  


We have 6 new members joined us in the second quarter:


Brent Siegel -73 MGB

Reid Webb - 76 MGB

Peter Newton - looking for a TD or an MGA in case someone might have a spare to sell

Bruce Bernstein - 76 MGB

Paul Wlodyka

Jerry Smith - 76 MG Midget.

A hearty welcome to all of you !!


Reid Webb has already volunteered, renewed and updated there Club's Facebook page. Thank you Reid, for that I will gladly help you install your new starter!


Ian Massey (our webmaster) has spent dozens of hours updating the members roster on the club website. Please take a gander to ensure everything is correct. Thank you Ian for wading through all of the different sites required to do this.


We had a lovely June Drive and Picnic that was well attended. Please go to the website, Ian has done a well written critique of the event with several pictures of the attendees and their cars. I’m not the one holding a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout! ☺


Lastly I will announce we will have another one, the July Drive and Picnic on July 18 th. Please go to the MG Classics website for details. You must register on the website so we might loosely attempt some caravan locations. We will also try having an abbreviated meeting, our first in 4 months.


As you can see even though we are limited in what and where we can go, there are some events available. I will include my disclaimer that MG Classics of Jacksonville FL is not sanctioning any meeting or events at this time. It is the responsibility of any attendee to weigh their personal risk. Anyone deciding to attend will be required to exercise all CDC guidelines; distancing, masks, no handshaking, no hugs no kisses……


Looking forward to safer, freer times but until then I’ll take what I can safely get!


Safety Fast!


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