Club Meeting Minutes - September 2019

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting September 26, 2019


Meeting convened: 7.25PM                       

Total Attendance: 21     

New members: none

Guests: None


Special Notice: Due to circumstances which may remain a mystery for some time the designated meeting place, The Reef restaurant, was closed.  The Reef had confirmed our reservations and requirements as recently as Sunday afternoon but when club members showed up Monday evening the establishment was closed.  No information was available concerning the closure other than caution tape around the patio/deck and a handwritten “Closed” sign on the front door.  Not to be deterred, alternate plans were put forward, calls made to other locations, and The Murray Brothers Caddyshack was able to take us in.  Christine Hogan had the foresight to place a sign on the door of The Reef letting other members know of the last-minute change.  Calls were made to other members known to be enroute to The Reef.  MG Classics sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience to our members who may have driven a lengthy distance to attend a meeting only to find the location changed.   Many thanks to those stalwart members who then made the drive to Caddyshack for a meeting that started and ended much later than usual and thank you to Caddyshack for their last-minute accommodation of our group 

Old Business


1. Please go to the MG Classics website for Newsletter and calendar info and current update information.


2. Tax filing status:  President provided a summary of status.  Required paperwork received an informal approval and is now in the routing chain at IRS for final approval.  Estimated time for receipt of final approval is 4-6 weeks.


New Business


1. 2020 Membership Fees: Ian Massey proposed to raise the Annual Membership fee in 2020 to $27.50.  Currently Paypal (PP) fees cost $103 per Annum. If we raise the Fee to $27.50 we save the $103 and gain a further $100, the benefit to Club funds is $200 per annum. Discussions included the fact that software updates, anti-virus programs etc are required to run the website and various registration forms.  Currently Ian Massey absorbs those costs personally.  Electronic payment is the method of choice for the majority of renewals and new members.  The website has had over 2000 views worldwide in the most recent 3 week period, most views as a direct result of the electronic copy of Jim Nolan’s vapor lock article.


MOTION: After discussion, Richard Gross made a motion to raise the annual membership fees to $30 to help defray cost of both Pay Pal fees and required software to ensure the security of our website. Motion was seconded by Mike Losey. The vote was unanimous in favor of raising the annual membership fee to $30.

2. NAMGBR: NAMGBR ballot recently received was discussed. The subject was the proposed change in by laws to enable electronic voting the future and to assign a proxy for our club at the NAMGBR board meeting. President and secretary signatures were required on the ballot and the proxy was given to Larry Norton, NAMGBR secretary with whom our club has worked previously.


MOTION: Bruce Sedelmeyer made a motion to approve the by law changes and assign proxy. Ian Massey seconded and the vote was unanimous to approve bylaw changes, electronic voting and proxy.

3. GDBCR: Discussion was held on the subject of reimbursing the Lucas Brothers for costs incurred conducting the Great Dixie Brit Rallye 2019.  Planners are currently about $500 over the provided budget.  Discussion centered around the fact that these events should be supported as they are an important part of automobile history and incredibly fun for club participants. However, there is a cost associated and the Austin Healey club has offered to contribute $100 to the cause. A motion was made by Glen Moore to match the Austin Healey contribution to the Lucas Brothers, motion was seconded by Maarten Rottman and passed unanimously.  This donation is being delayed while the six participating members are polled to determine if they would contribute personally in lieu of using club funds.

2. Show/Drive Opportunities (more info and registration on MG Classics website) 


(a) FCCC update was summarized in Stan Kinmonth’s absence. Please review the FCCC’s meeting notes sent out to you by Jim Nolan via email for other car club pertinent information. Of special note is the upcoming Military Armor Display to be held at Reynolds Industrial Park in Green Cove Springs, 4-6 October 2019. More information can be found on the FCCC website and the MG Classics website calendar.

(b) Avenues Cars and Coffee 2nd Saturday at 7AM. 

(c) Beaches Cruise In 3rd Tuesday, regular attendees 4:45 PM. 

(d) The Great Dixie Brit Car Rallye November 9th ,2019.  See our website for more information, Ian indicated Rallye registration is currently full. Volunteers are still needed to support the event in various roles.  

(d) Cars and Cannons show was a success with 60 cars present including a couple very rare models. People’s Choice winner was the turquoise/white 1957 Corvette. MG Classics were represented with 4 MGs and an Austin Healey.  This show was held inside Fort Clinch. Show fees went toward supporting Friends of Fort Clinch and entitled the car owner to 12 additional admissions to the Fort throughout the next year, up to 8 people per visit. A Blood Mobile, music, refreshments and food were available, the beach and view was beautiful. Please consider adding this show to your personal calendar next year, it was unique and supported a great cause..

(e) Cars and Coffee at Amelia Concours is now accepting applications.  Registration link is available on our website, please register early as the event is limited to 450 participants.  We will forward details concerning meet up locations for a caravan as the event draws nearer.

(f) British Classic Car Show, October, 19, 2019.Early Bird Registration Discount ends at Midnight, October 1. Register immediately for the Discount.

(g) 2020 Spring Drive & Picnic - March 21, 2019, to the Ravine Gardens State Park. More information to follow as the date nears.

(h) GOF LIV, April 2020 - Preliminary Information available on the GOF-South Website at Book the Host Hotel now as the Mission Inn has limited Hotel Space. Registration Form for Event coming Soon.

(i) SBCC newsletter contains numerous events being held in GA and TN during the fall season.

Major Events Update


GOF LIV, April 2020 - Preliminary Information available on the GOF-South Website at Book the Host Hotel now as the Mission Inn has limited Hotel Space. Registration Form for Event coming Soon.

GOF 2021:  This is our project and the president assigned the following to the steering committee for location, selection and negotiations: Richard Gross, Jim Hall, Ian Massey, Glen Moore and Neil Nelson.  After Richard Gross provided an update on the GOF 2021 planning, 7 board members present with the addition of Neil Nelson, Bob Wrenn, and Cathy Albers email votes of yes resulted in a total 10 board votes in favor of pursuing negotiations with Gainesville Best Western Conference Center as the location of the 2021 GOF.

British Classic Car Show 2020: TCNF are organizing the British Classic Car Show for 2020, leaving MG Classics to organize the British Classic in 2021. We require Volunteers for the 2021 British Classic Organizing Committee.

Christmas Party is all set for this year.  Please clear your calendar for December 15th, 2-6 pm, at the One Call Center. The earlier we can determine expected attendance, the more efficiently we can plan menu, price and fun

Fall Tech Session: Sign up available on the website for the next Tech Session to be held 23 November, 2019 at Legacy Automotive.  Sign up page will require information on what pot luck item you are bringing and what work you would like to do on your MG.  Electronic form will go directly to Mark and Vanessa Albright, no need for individual members to call their shop regarding the tech session.   MG Classics appreciates the Albrights hosting the Tech Session at their shop.


Action Required

1. Nomination of Officers: Nominations for officers for the 2020 term were requested. Mark Albright as vice president is the point of contact for any member who desires to contribute to the club by serving as a member of the board or as a club officer. Nominations are now being accepted and will be announced at the October meeting.

2. News Letter Editor: Jim Nolan will retire from his long held position as newsletter editor on January 1, 2020. He will be sorely missed and his very big shoes are in need of filling. Please contact any club officer if you are interested in becoming the newsletter editor.

3. 50/50 drawing held with Maarten Rottman winning $20. 

4. Part at Cost: Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be ordered within 30 days. Good for 1 part only not an entire order. Winner was Maarten Rottman.


Next Meeting: The October28th, 2019 at 7PM at St Mary's Seafood,  11290 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville. Members are encouraged to arrive up to an hour early (6PM) so dinner orders may be completed prior to the start of club business at 7PM.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:27 PM.

Submitted:          Approved:​

Sybil Bradley        Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary             President

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