What is GOF-South?


Maybe there are a few folks who are wondering just what all the excitement is about. So, for the edification of the “still wondering,” here is a short explanation of a GOF-South.


The official definition: A Gathering of the Faithful South, (GOF South) is a weekend get together of owners (and enthusiasts) of any make or model MG. Unfortunately, that definition does not even come close to covering the subject.


A GOF-South is the premier annual MG event in Florida and has been continuously held for the past 53 years. Two Florida MG clubs are responsible for hosting the event with a different club hosting each year. The event usually includes a Friday Meet & Great' First Timers display, a Saturday morning show of cars with people's choice judging, car games and tours on Saturday afternoon, an awards banquet with raffle or auction on Saturday night, and finally coffee and donuts Sunday morning along with goodbyes.


Each event reflects the flavor of the club hosting it so no two are just alike. In 2019 MG Classics of Jacksonville hosted a three day 53rd anniversary GOF South on April 11 through the 14th at the Plaza Resort & Spa, Daytona Beach, Florida. Our event included a Drive around the Road Course at the Daytona Speedway, tours, tech sessions, and much more.....


Because MG Classics was the host club we campaigned to get as many cars and people attending as possible. 90 MGs were registered and 187 people attended the event. Whether your MG is running, or you have to take the “other” family car, doesn’t matter. Just try to be at the next GOF-South in 2020 hosted by the Classic MG Club of Florida. View the details and Register for GOF-South LIV in 2020 by Clicking on the GOF 2020 Button on the Top Menu,

This is the primary event every year so please dust off the MG, or fuel up the family iron, and join us for a fun filled weekend. That is what owning an MG is all about. Enjoying the fellowship, friendship and hardship that is part and parcel of owning one of these little British cars.

Safety Fast!

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